Savory Oatmeal With Greens and Yogurt Recipe (2024)

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Joe Fiorito

try making oatmeal with broth instead of water; and that's all I'm saying.

mary cowmeadow

My Indian friends often use oatmeal instead of rice to go with their spicy dishes. Many Indians are especially susceptible to heart disease and need the fiber in oatmeal. White rice has zero fiber. As a result, I tried using oatmeal many years ago and I like oatmeal with almost any savory dish.


For a simpler version, steam kale,chard, or whatever greens you like; add soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil to taste, and mix with prepared oatmeal, adding more soy sauce if needed. A great breakfast which the rest of my family refuses to touch!


My Polish parents always ate their breakfast oatmeal with plenty of Maggi sauce (an Eastern European analog of soy sauce) and viewed their children's preference for adding maple syrup, raisins and the like as simply mystifying; I think they would have loved this enhanced version.
And whether you favor savory or sweet, try lightly toasting your oats in the dry pot first sometime. I do it with steel-cut oats but imagine regular rolled oats should toast nicely as well.

Thomas Sherman

Very nice recipe. My easy, go to savory oatmeal topping is an olive tapenade. It is shockingly delicious.

Amy Cotler

I love savory oatmeal. But as a recipe tester I suggest make this a simpler procedure. Toast the ingredients in the same pan you cook 'em in, so you don't have to bother with preheating that oven and washing a sheet pan. When the the oatmeal is done, pour or spoon it into shallow bowls. Than cook the greens in the same pan and add them as well.


I have been enjoying savory oatmeal recently by topping it with Mark Bittman's Miso-Ginger Dressing, and occasionally a fried egg. Or I mix oats with yogurt, diced pear, and a bit of grated ginger. I will add this recipe to my morning recipe rotation.


A miso, savory version: Make a really strong Japanese katsuo dashi stock, maybe 3C. Toast the oats in sesame oil until very lt. brown. This prevents them from becoming gloopy. Add dashi and a tablespoon of miso to taste and cook/boil for 20-30 to concentrate the liquid. Don’t add too much miso in the beginning because as it cooks down, the miso taste will concentrate. You want to end up with a soupy, misoy savory oatmeal with miso broth that is to die for. Add nothing else. Eat and enjoy.


You could also try Mark Bittman's oatmeal pilaf. Absolutely delicious. It doesn't say it, but you can make it ahead and rewarm.


Regular oats would mean rolled and not steel cut, but not quick or instant.


Nothing better than pan-toasting oat groats, grinding them in the coffee grinder, and whisking into boiling water with a non of butter added - five minutes with a few stirs and ready to enjoy with the greens you've sautéed!

Sally Ingraham

Something is wrong with the nutrition information. This cannot have 1147 calories for 1 serving.
The nutrition info in these recipes is often suspect.

David Levine

I cook something similar every morning. Steelcut and whole groats are made the night before and sit in the pot all night. Greens, leeks and green onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, soy sauce and a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Maybe some dried seaweed. Some liquid and microwave 3-4 minutes. Topped with Lo Gan Ma (or something spicy). Nobody anywhere in the world has a better breakfast. Do you really need a recipe for this? Oatmeal is a more nutritious form of rice and suitable for any meal.


I saw in the intro 'regular oats', but want to clarify what kind of oats the author used. 30 minute steel cut?

Huh, I make regular rolled oats in one minute in the microwave: half a cup of oats, half a cup of water (don't stir at all), one minute in the microwave, and it's oatmeal.


What makes oatmeal healthy is overridden by adding too much to it, whether sweet or savory.


I add avocado for extra staying power and healthy fats. Dee-lish!


I make Kale or chard with Calabrian Chile Bomba…adds a nice depth of flavor and some heat and it can be made in advance and kept in fridge. Also a little drizzle of lemon oil to finish this dish adds a nice brightness! I’d imagine you could really experiment with fun spices on the granola topping as well. Will make again!

A. Weickert

I make my oatmeal in the microwave. ½ cup whole oats (heaping), 1 scant cup water, a shake of salt, 2 minutes 22 seconds does it in my old low power microwave. No dirty pot.


Made with leftover steel-cut oats and a chile-crisp fried egg on top. Simple and delicious. Comes together in less than 5 minutes if topping and oatmeal already made.


I make this for breakfast often, but with a difference. Instead of cooking the oatmeal in this traditional porridge style, I increase the quantity of water or stock, bring to a boil and stir in thick cut oats. I boil them for about a minute and drain the oats in a mesh colander, saving the stock if that's what I used. The resulting oats are tender and fluffy. I prefer the texture because slime isn't very appealing to me in the morning. Swiss chard or kale is great like this too.


This can be a 5 minute breakfast. Put the dry rolled outside in a bowl with a fistful of fresh baby spinach on top, or leftover steamed broccoli. Dump the chicken broth over the top and nuke for 3 minutes. Stir in asian chili garlic paste and greek yogurt to taste. It's filling, like 200-250 calories, healthy, easy, and DELICIOUS. I toss some salted pepitas over it out of a bag if I want some extra fiber and protein.


20 minutes to cook 1/2 cup of oats? I cook my old fashioned oats in a small skillet, uncovered, and they are done in 5 minutes.

Craig Cole

I eat savory oatmeal on top of steamed kale then topped with a protein such as cooked beans or a hardboiled egg pretty much every morning. I cook on the stove top or cook a batch in my InstaPot which I then freeze for later use. I cook the oatmeal in a veggie or chicken broth such as "Better Than Bouillon", Thai curry paste, miso, Korean chili paste, Mexican menudo spice or some other spice combination. Don't be afraid, think outside the oatmeal box and use your imagination!

Mark Eugene Tiedemann

Used 1 cup Oats. Didn't toast the nuts and seeds, but cooked them in with the oatmeal. Used less salt.

Maria Cate

Made it without the topping and substituted chard for the spinach because that's what I had on hand, and absolutely loved it!.


FYI, I just calculated the calories (using the Noom app) for a serving with just a single tablespoon of the topping and 1 oz yogurt, and the total is 315 calories (275 for the oatmeal plus 40 for the topping). This could be reduced by 80 calories or so by using less olive oil for the spinach - a tsp plus a bit of water in a non-stick pan would likely be enough. Even lower calorie if you use reduced fat yogurt, but an ounce of full-fat is only about 32 calories, and it's so delicious!


This is SO good. I will make it again, and soon.A few comments:5 oz of spinach leaves is way too much for one serving. It is also way more than a handful, unless you have enormous hands. A 5 oz package would be about right for 3-4 servings (though some may prefer a higher proportion of spinach to oatmeal).Rolled oats (i.e., Quaker Oats Old Fashioned) take only 5 minutes to cook, per the box, not 30 minutes. Full-fat Greek yogurt is fine. But yum. Great recipe.


Less complicated: microwave one serving of regular oatmeal. Toast nuts and seeds in non-stick pan w/out oil or salt. Set aside and use same pan to wilt one handful of baby spinach with a sprinkle of crushed red pepper and another of granulated garlic. No oil. Top oatmeal with nuts and seeds and then add spinach and scoop of full fat Greek yogurt. Only one pan to wash and considerably less time for equivalent delicious result.


I always read the comments before making these recipes. So helpful. Inspired by my fellow cooks, I used turkey stock for the oatmeal, and added leftover asparagus, artichoke hearts, and some chopped, roasted cashews. Added. Dollop of plain yogurt on top. Delicious. I’ve found my new breakfast!

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Savory Oatmeal With Greens and Yogurt Recipe (2024)
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