Opera GX not opening, responding or loading pages (2024)

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Opera GX is the gaming-focused version of the popular Opera web browser, and from what we have gathered, it is well-loved by the gaming community for what it offers. Still, there is a problem plenty of gamers are facing where Opera GX is not able to launch, start or load pageson Windows 11/10. In this post, we will discuss multiple possibilities to solve this problem.

If the Opera GX browser is not opening, launching, or starting on Windows 11/10, then here are suggestions to help you fix the issue.

  1. Update Opera GX browser
  2. Open Opera GX from the installer file
  3. Use a Local Account instead of a Microsoft Account
  4. Leave Microsoft Family
  5. Reset Opera GX browser

1] Update Opera GX browser

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Please check if you are currently using the latest version of Opera GX. We suggest visiting the official download page, and from there, downloading and installing the newest version of the web browser. It should update the one installed.

Once done, attempt to open the browser again to see if things are finally working in the right condition.

2] Open Opera GX from the Launcher file

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Like most programs, Opera GX comes with an installer file that is important for opening the web browser. This is the file all shortcuts of Opera GX connect directly with in order for the browser to run on your computer. Let us look at how to navigate to the launcher.exe file.

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %localappdata%\Programs into the box, then follow up by hitting the Enter key.
  • This should open the hidden Programs directory
  • Enter the folder named Opera GX
  • Open the folder that represents the latest version of the web browser
  • Double-click the launcher.exe file to open Opera.

If the browser opens after clicking on the launcher.exe file, it should automatically update the shortcut files, which means there is no need to launch from the Launcher again going forward unless the problem persists.

3] Use a Local Account instead of a Microsoft Account

According to several users, it is possible to solve the current problem with Opera GX by switching from using your Microsoft Account to a Local Account.

If you haven’t yet created a Local Account on your Windows 11/10 computer, then we suggest reading the following articles to learn more:

4] Leave Microsoft Family

Being a part of Microsoft Family can cause your version of Opera GX to fail at starting up. To fix this, you must leave Microsoft Family for the time being, or stop using the web browser entirely.

Let us discuss how to remove yourself from Microsoft Family.

  • First, you must visit the Microsoft Family website
  • Locate your user card from the list of people.
  • Click the three-dotted menu button on your card.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Leave Group.

You can now go ahead and check to see if Opera GX is finally opening without issues.

5] Reset Opera GX browser

  • If nothing helps reset the Opera GX browser and see:
  • Click on the Opera icon at the top-left, then select Update & Recovery > Recover.
  • You should now see two options in form of:
    • Keep my data and only reset Opera settings.
    • Reset my data and Opera settings.
  • Select the one that best fits your needs, then click on the Recover button.
  • After a short while, your version of Opera will revert to the factory default settings.

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What is the point of Opera GX?

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera web browser that was specifically designed for gamers. This browser comes packed with features such as CPU, RAM, and Network limiters to aid gamers who want to browse while they game, but at the best performance possible.

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Is Opera GX based on Chromium?

Opera GX and regular Opera are the same under the hood but with a few differences on the surface. So yes, the web browser is based on Chromium.

Is Opera GX better than Opera?

Opera GX and Opera are the same web browser in almost every aspect. Opera GX differs in its design and its gaming-related features, but at the end of the day, the performance will likely be the same as regular Opera.

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Opera GX not opening, responding or loading pages (2024)
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