How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (2024)

Learn how to make a 3D Conversation Heart Treat box for Valentines Day

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: Conversation Heart candies are gross. (Except the SweetTart version, which is the bomb.) The thing is though, they’re kind of adorable. That’s why, even though I’m a chocolate girl through and through, I carefully designed this Conversation Heart Treat Box template for you. Or rather, for your Valentine. It’s quick and easy to make, and it’s the perfect size for holding some better-tasting Valentine’s candies. If you’ve got a Cricut cutting machine, it’s even easier AND it’s customizable!

Because of the rounded sides, a heart-shaped box can be a bit of a pain to put together. But I did my very best to make this one as easy as possible for you. I went through several rounds of design before landing on the finished template. It’s got easy-to-fold tabs, and a double layer of hearts on each side to make it more sturdy (read as: stand up to more candy?). The double heart also helps secure the sides better and prevents them from coming apart at the curves. I’ve also added an empty template so you can add your own custom wording, or leave it out altogether and just make a plain paper heart box.

Before we get started just a quick note – I’m going to be giving instructions for using this template in a program called Design Space. If you’re not a Cricut user and you don’t know what this is – that’s ok! This project will work for you too!

Hey, by the way, this isn’t my only Conversation Heart project. (What!? I think they’re cute!) Check out my Embroidered Perler Bead Conversation Hearts here! They make good coasters, garlands, magnets, or even DIY Valentines.

Supplies needed to make your Conversation Heart Box

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  • Cardstock of your choice – each 3″ box uses one 12″ x 12″ sheet. One sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ makes about a 2.5″ box.
  • Pink adhesive vinyl and transfer tape (not needed if you are printing the design.)
  • An adhesive of your choice. I’ve tested them with a few different glues, but this Crafter’s Tape was by far the easiest and had the best hold. (An Elmer’s Craft Bond Gluestick was a close second.)
  • A way to cut out your design. You can use a printer and scissors if you’d like. I used my very favorite tool – the Cricut Maker!
  • My free heart box template/cut file. Click the button below to get the files.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Treat Box

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you can either print out the template and cut it out by hand, or upload the design to your cutting machine and have it done perfectly for you.

There are 5 different heart colors and sayings included for you to choose from. If you’re printing out the design, you can make your box any color by printing the white template onto colored cardstock.

Preparing your Cricut cut file

If you’re using a Cricut Machine for this project, you’ll need to upload the SVG file to Design Space and prepare it to be cut and scored. If you don’t have a scoring tool for your machine, we’ll take care of that in this step too.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (2)

This is how the file looks in Design space after you upload it. See how all of the layers are marked “cut”? If you send the file to your machine before changing the last layer to “score”, you won’t be able to attach the sides. Here’s how you get it ready.

As you can see, all of the layers are grouped together. The first thing you’ll need to do is ungroup everything. Next, select and delete or hide any boxes you’re not making this time. (Or better yet, go nuts and make them all!)

Next, you’ll select all of the score lines. Remember, they are still labeled as cut lines. If you’re not using them, go ahead and delete them. You’ll just have to fold the tabs yourself – no big deal. If you do happen to have a scoring tool with your machine, you’ll change the line type from “cut” to “score”.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (3)

Next, select the score layer and the cut layer for each box (everything but the writing) and attach them. This way the scoreline will stay in the correct place on the box when you send it to the machine. If you want to customize the wording, now is the time. Look for a sans-serif font to keep the conversation heart look.

Now go ahead and send it to your Cricut! Cut and score the box template on your cardstock, and cut and weed the lettering out of your pink vinyl.

Tip: Use the lightest grip transfer tape you have for the vinyl. You don’t want to have it stick too hard to the cardstock and tear it.

Assembling your heart box

The finished box has two pieces (the base and the lid) that are almost identical except for the size. The pieces on the cardstock templates are already split up with the base pieces on the left and the lid pieces on the right, so make sure you keep them separated after cutting.

The first step will be assembling your sides. Fold up the tabs on two of the matching side pieces. Then attach them end to end to form one long rectangle.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (4)

Now you’ll bring together the remaining tab end and flat end (with the tab on the outside), and glue them together, to form a teardrop. Be careful to only crease it at the tabs.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (5)

Now it’s time to attach the sides to the hearts. Use your glue or Crafter’s Tape to line the edge of one heart.

Then slide it, glue-side down into the matching side piece. Line up the bottom of the heart with the cone of the creases, and press to attach the first few tabs on both sides.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (6)

Making sure the tabs stay underneath, press the sides as tight as you can against the heart and press to glue down.

Now bring the second crease in and fit into the inner corner of the heart. If it doesn’t go all the way down, the sides are not pushed in tight enough. Make sure all the tabs are secure. Flip so the tabs are on top.

Now glue the same strip around the second heart, and attach it to cover the tabs.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (7)

And that’s the bottom of the heart. Now repeat for the top.

If you printed the template, that’s it! Get your password below and go grab the template for yourself. (Happy Crafting!)

If you cut your template on a machine, all that’s left is sticking on the vinyl lettering.

Press down the transfer tape onto your weeded vinyl, making sure the letters are stuck on well. Peel back the paper backing and press gently onto the top of your box.

Tip For Lining Up Vinyl: Don’t go by the grid on your transfer tape. You may have lined it up wrong. Instead, go by the bottom of the letters.

How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (8)

Carefully peel back the transfer tape. And voila!

A sweet treat box for your Valentine!

If you make this project, don’t forget to post a photo on Instagram and tag @simplecreativelivin. I might just share your handiwork there or on my Facebook page!

Stay Crafty,

Download the Free Conversation Heart Treat Box Template

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How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (10)
How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (11)

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How to Make a Conversation Heart Box for Valentines Treats (2024)
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