12 Ways To Wear The Cloud Nail Art Trend (2024)


12 Ways To Wear The Cloud Nail Art Trend

They’ll make you happy when the skies are dark and gloomy.

by Danielle Sinay

Dark nail colors may be trending thanks to Kourtney Kardashian’s goth glam engagement manicure, but their happy-go-lucky opposite has simultaneously skyrocketed in popularity: cloud nails.

These adorable nail designs adorn your fingertips with puffs to emulate the sky and can be worn in all different ways. Whether it’s to bring lightness to shorter days and darker skies by way of an optimistic mani or simply because clouds are really cute as nail art, the trend is the perfect antithesis to the winter season’s more traditional mysterious, moody manicures.

“I think people like cloud nails because it’s a design that’s not too over the top,” Chyna Stevens, a Los Angeles-based nail artist, tells Bustle. “It’s cute yet subtle, and anyone can pull it off.” Stevens also notes this particular manicure trend comes with an added perk: “Cloud nails remind people of the sky, which is calming, and if you add those twinkle stars it can look like anime,” she says, nodding to the Kira Kira effect that’s often seen on cloud-themed manicures.

Besides looking chic, clouds also happen to be easy to paint yourself (they’re imperfect, after all). Ready to switch things up from your dark manicure habit? Keep scrolling for 12 different ways to rock the cloud nail art trend.


Milky Blue

For a classic (and semi-realistic) take on blue skies and scattered clouds, Stevens suggests starting with a sheer blue polish base, after which you can hand-paint clouds — and even some stars if you’re feeling enthusiastic. To create the cloudy sky aesthetic, Steven advises using a dotting tool to draw the shapes, then connecting the dots with a small striping brush afterwards.


Ombré Blue

For an equally dreamy yet more unique take on the trend, try ombré blue cloud art. For this style, start with a sheer pink and blend it into blue, then construct the clouds with white polish.


Pink French

Wear two trends at once with a French manicure-style cloud design. All you need to achieve this charming look is a baby pink French tip adorned with painted clouds on the ends.


Minimalist Pink

Blue Craving clouds but want to keep it simple? Start with a sheer pink base onto which you can draw both white and pink clouds. It’s minimalist, but still shows off a pop via the sky-themed art.


Rainbow Accented Clouds

You don’t even need long nails to rock this trend! To attain a simple yet adorable blue sky manicure, file your nails short and square and paint your base baby blue. After that, draw your clouds and add a rainbow to spice things up with an accent nail.


Sky-Themed Tips

For another take on a cloud-inspired French manicure, file your nails into an almond shape and paint the tips with a thin blue line. Add some tiny clouds around the edges and voila: simple but cute.


Statement Clouds

The ultimate no-manicure manicure: a milky, pink neutral base polish with clouds adorning only one or two statement nails. For this design, Stevens suggests using a striping brush to draw the shapes.


Dark Sky

You can embrace the dark side and clouds simultaneously, and these nails prove it. To get the look, start with a navy blue base (a dark purple or even black work will also work), and top them off with white and gray clouds and silver stars.


Multicolor Ombré

If you’re never able to decide on just one nail color, try this mani design, which is basically the Skittles and cloud art trends rolled into one. Start with sheer pink at the base, which you’ll then blend into a different pastel shade on each nail. Once the ombré aesthetic is created, adorn your tips with clouds and stars.


Pastel Rainbow Clouds

Similar to the multicolor ombré, the pastel skies manicure uses all the colors of the rainbow to blend into each other. They’re then decorated with white clouds and stars. Consider this your maximalist nail art option.


Shimmery Sky

This mesmerizing manicure is created with blue magnet powder, says Stevens, with cloud and star nail art on top. Since magnetic nail powder creates such a gorgeous, shimmery finish on its own, you’re left with an actual twinkling sky.


Sailor Moon Sky

You could also create a cloudy sky inspired by the classic anime series, Sailor Moon. For this look, grab some pretty pink, purple, and blue polish colors to blend over your nail beds, then draw some cloud shapes and perhaps a twinkle or two for a cutesy nod to the show.

12 Ways To Wear The Cloud Nail Art Trend (2024)
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